NISD students dealing with late bus issues

NISD students dealing with late bus issues.PNG

SAN ANTONIO- Parents are complaining about a late bus problem at Brennan High School.

“This is not my daughter’s problem. This is not my problem. This is not the teachers’ problem. This is a district problem - fix it.” one mother said.

District officials say the problem is a bus driver shortage. The driver of her daughter’s route has since left, leaving other drivers to pick up the slack.

“They’ve had to make sure that other runs do their route and then go back and pick up students and subsequently it’s causing these delays,” said Barry Perez with the Northside Independent School District.

The district is now making changes to bus routes in the area to make sure all students get to school on time.

“My job is to send my daughter to school. Your job is to get them there because as a tax payer, that's why I pay taxes,” the mother said.

The school district will send letters home to the students affected by the changes.

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