Non-profit gives adults a second chance at education for free

Non-profit gives adults a free second chance at education for free. (SBG Photo)

SAN ANTONIO, TX - It's all about the saying 'it's never too late.'

More than 70 walking across the stage, because years ago they could not.

Graduates are receiving anything from a GED to a workforce training certificate.

"I'm very excited, I've been jumping out of joy all day," Myrica Tallent said.

Like many of these graduates, Tallent dealt with adversity in high school which caused her to drop out.

"I had a family member pass away, it was kind of devastating," Tallent said.

"I was a teen mom," Jessica Morales said.

With the help of San Antonio non-profit 'Restore Education' they are able to have their day of redemption.

"Tonight's a night of celebration," Kerri Rhodes, Restore Education Executive said.

Rhodes said a number of the graduates will attend college.

Myrica and Jessica are both slated to take their certified nursing exam.

While tonight is about the graduates some of they said they did it for others.


For more information on 'Restore Education' click here.

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