North Side neighbors gathered to discuss preventing accidental shootings


SAN ANTONIO - A group on the city's North Side are talking about how to keep children safe from unintentional shootings.

The conversation at Woodbridge Elementary School was not about getting rid of guns.

Instead it was more about making gun owners are responsible about keeping them secure.

Leaders of the non-profit "Moms Demand Action" hosted the discussion on simple ways to secure guns in homes and cars.

They also and stressed the importance of asking about the presence of secure guns in homes you visit.

Unintended consequences could result in accidental shootings and teen suicides.

Organizer Danna Halff said, “If teenagers can't get a hold of people's weapons, if they can't get a hold of their parents weapons if they're secured those lives would be saved."

Organizers hope to keep the conversation going.

They're still planning their next event.

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