Parents concerned over bullying claims at Jourdanton ISD

Parents are concerned about bullying after a local 12-year-old Jourdanton ISD student took his own life.

Police are still investigating if bullying played a factor in the tragedy but several parents claim this act is an ongoing issue in the district.

"It wasn't just one parent, two parents, it was a handful of parents reaching out that says a lot about that particular school," said Sylvia Zavala.

Several parents reached out to our station saying that they are aware of physical and emotional abuse by students on other students.

"To where hands are being placed on necks and being shoved around and being told if 'you tell on us,' you know, 'then you will feel it,'" said Zavala.

Zavala says several parents within the district fear speaking on camera will bring more trouble for their children so she's speaking up for them.

"No sort of acknowledgement or recognition or positive has come out of it. The child, the students, continue to be bullied, if not by that particular person maybe the next person that comes along, so it's just an ongoing situation," said Zavala.

For information on resources that can help you in a bullying situation, visit The website contains information on how to get involved with the organization, resources for victims of cyberbullying, access to pro-bono legal services and information about proposed anti-bullying legislation.

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