Parents protest bus service policy

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SAN ANTONIO - A group of parents are protesting, concerned about student safety and frustrated with bus service. We talked those parents and got reaction from the district.

Parents are angry about the lack of bus service at several South San schools. They sounded off using bull horns and holding signs.

"A lot of parents are afraid to speak. A lot of them are Spanish speaking parents and they're afraid that if they speak, something is going to happen to them," said Delia Galvan.

Galvan's son is a freshman at South San High School. She says it takes him 52 minutes to walk to and from school carrying a backpack full of school supplies and his band instrument -- and he's not alone.

"They're going to get to school tired," Galvan said. "You think you're going to want to learn. You're not going to want to pay attention to the teacher. You're going to be tired."

Cassidy Rodriguez said, "I'm a female. I'm a girl and many of the females go missing."

Rodriguez is a high school senior who has to walk to school.

"It's scary. You get honked at as a female. I get honked at. I get looked at. I get rude comments. I get whistled at," Rodriguez said. "I feel scared, like my safety."

Parents say this small but vocal group represents a larger number of concerned parents whose students are forced to walk. Bus service is only provided for students who live more than two miles from their school.

"I don't think one mile they should have to walk," Galvan said.

But the district says its bound by state law. Students who live less than two miles have to walk or find a ride.

"That's the law and it's within two miles," said South San Spokeswoman Jocelyn Durand. "Unfortunately, we can't provide bus service for kids who live within that unless they are crossing a hazardous route."

Last month we followed parents who were angry that their kids would have to cross busy Highway 16 to and from school. District leaders reconsidered days before the start of school, agreeing service was needed because Highway 16 was too dangerous for students to cross.

"I don't think any child should have to cross any roads like that just to go to school," Galvan said.

Parents hope district leaders will reconsider and provide bus service.

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