Parents upset after cellphone video shows bus driver mistreating students

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SAN ANTONIO - Parents are worried about safety, after an incident involving a San Antonio Independent School District bus on Wednesday.

"We're angry,” said Terry Franklin, a concerned parent. “We're upset. We're disappointed in the school system.”

Cellphone video taken on the bus, shows kids yelling at the SAISD bus driver. At one point, you can see the driver stop, and move a student to a different seat on the bus.

“I was basically yelling at her, because she turned around,” said Adam Garcia, a 5th grader from the bus. “We never turn around.”

Later in the video, the bus driver stopped again along Riverside Drive. With adults nearby, the driver let students off the bus, instead of Ball Elementary School, the intended destination.

"I've never seen that many kids at one time, trying to get off the bus, and hysterically crying,” said Franklin.

"Basically, every kid was crying,” said Garcia. "I was super scared. She was going to take us to a random place and drop us off. She basically did for me."

Students and parents claim the driver has a history of driving erratically, and has been physical to students that misbehave. A spokesperson from SAISD disputes these claims, however they remain under investigation.

“Video footage was thoroughly viewed today, and those allegations are not substantiated,” said Leslie Price, a spokesperson from SAISD. “The driver is shown in her lane, using her blinker, and stopping at railroad tracks - not running any stop signs and not grabbing any student.”

A spokesperson from the school district believes the driver took the students to the apartment, because they misbehaved.

"Not an ideal way to handle the situation,” said Leslie Price from SAISD. “Isn't that pretty unusual?”, we asked Price. “It's not common protocol,” she responded. “Ideally, the driver would have gone on to the school, and let administration handle the incidence with the kids.”

An investigation is ongoing regarding the incident. We’re told the driver involved won’t drive SAISD buses while the investigation takes place.

“Even if they do put another bus driver on there, I don't feel safe, until they have shown it to me,” said Franklin.

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