Park Police Officer mentors kids on the West Side through boxing

Park Police Officer mentors kids on the West Side through boxing.PNG

SAN ANTONIO- Out on the streets he's known as Officer Cardona.

“I see what's going on, I deal with it every day,” said Juan Cardona a San Antonio Park Police Officer.

But at Cardona’s Boxing Gym, he's just Coach.

“I know there is a high crime rate. There's a lot of activity that shouldn't be going on that these kids are exposed to,” Cardona said.

Officer Cardona is making a difference by reaching kids on the West Side through boxing.

He’s giving them something positive to do instead getting into trouble.

“My background, I was in a lot of trouble when I was younger so I just don't want that for him,” said Hector Frajado, a parent.

Frajado takes his son to the gym.

“They just need somebody to reach out to them and Juan and a lot of these coaches here are not just good coaches but really good people,” Frajado said.

But it's not just Cardona mentoring kids. His 11-year old son Julian is doing it too

“It makes me feel happy. It makes (me) excited for how they chose boxing and how it can affect their future,” Julian said.

As the gym continues to grow with new young faces coming in each week, Cardona keeps his faith in God.

“It's just one of those things where I mean nothing can be done without God. We always put him first,” Cardona said.

Cardona is confident the work he’s doing now will forever stay in the hearts of the kids he mentors even as they grow up.

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