Pedestrian deaths in San Antonio on the decline


SAN ANTONIO - The number of pedestrian deaths in San Antonio is slightly lower than in years past.

Efforts are in the works to continue the downward trend.

It happens far too often pedestrian struck by vehicles resulting in serious injuries and deaths.

Last year nearly 6-thousand pedestrians were killed nationwide; the majority at night.

San Antonio was high on the list.

"This is the very beginning of what we know needs to be a complete transformation," said Councilwoman Shirley Gonzales.

San Antonio adopted Vision Zero, a comprehensive plan for safer streets, about three years ago.

Since then, there has been progress in reducing the number of pedestrian deaths; but Councilwoman Shirley Gonzales says more work is needed as the city converts to so called "complete streets."

"That means wider sidewalks, dedicated bike lanes, room for public transit and also single occupancy vehicles," Gonzales said.

The city has allocated millions of dollars for improved lighting, more mid-block cross walks, and crossing islands.

Better head lights, and more vehicles with front crash prevention technology will also help.

"Save a lot of people from getting hurt," pedestrian Clemtine Neal said.

Clemtine Neal takes the bus to work five days a week, and often has to walk across busy fredericksburg road.

"I look both ways before crossing a busy street like this one," Neal said.

She's not surprised by the number of pedestrians killed in San Antonio in the past five years.

The lowest number was 44 deaths in 2017.

Speeding drivers is one of the main causes.

"I don't know if they are late for work or going to get their kids I don't understand but they be flying around here in San Antonio," Neal said.

Experts say pedestrians can help by avoiding dark colored clothing at night, keeping cell phone use to a minimum and using crosswalks.

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