Pet owner claims mailman maced her dogs without cause

Pet owner claims mailman maced her dogs without cause (SBG San Antonio)

SAN ANTONIO - Victoria Arreola says her mailman pepper-sprayed her two chihuahua mixes but she doesn't know why.

"It was done for no reason," Arreola said.

She said she has the pictures to prove it.

"Ranger couldn't even open his eyes," Arreola told us.

Arreola said you could see the pepper spray on her other dog, "Bella." She even had to deal with the effects while cleaning them.

"I was inhaling it while I was bathing them, I was choking on it," Arreola said.

Arreola said her dogs are always confined behind their front yard fence. She said there's no way the mailman could have felt threatened.

She tried to approach the mailman who she though pepper-sprayed her dogs but he denied involvement.

After she reached out to USPS, we did too.

In a statement, USPS told us they are looking into the matter.

"In this particular situation, we have addressed the alleged incident with the appropriate personnel, and have taken steps to remind all letter carriers of proper use of repellent."

USPS also pointed that San Antonio had 44 incidents of dog bites on mail carriers in the past year.

Arreola said this situation is entirely different because her dogs were confined in her yard.

"I want the mailman to be held accountable," Arreola said.

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