Police, family search for answers following murder of woman on jogging trail

Mia Lutzenberger. ((Andrew Zamora))

SAN ANTONIO -- Amy Chavez came to the spot where her niece, Mia Lutzenberger, was brutally murdered Tuesday morning.

"The family is very devastated and emotional right now," said Chavez.

Chavez came to area to talk to neighbors and look for answers.

Homicide detectives with SAPD area doing the same. About 30 SAPD cadets and other officers searched the tall grass where Lutzenberger’s body was found looking for clues Wednesday afternoon.

Chavez said the family is upset the crime scene was reopened to the public yesterday.

“Whoever did it could’ve came back and pick up whatever they left behind. I think they should have left it closed and not have anyone come through,” Chavez said.

“We have had experience were we have returned the scenes and we have found evidence that they helped us. In the case, just because it’s been reopened doesn’t mean that this won’t benefit our investigation of this particular murderer,” said Officer Doug Greene, spokesperson for SAPD.

The two men and two women who were at the scene when police arrived have been questioned and released by investigators.

So far no one has been arrested.

Investigators would not say if they found anything particular during the search, such as the murder weapon.

Greene did say the result of the search is "very good."

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