Teen boy fatally shot on East Side identified

SBG San Antonio

A teenage boy was fatally shot on the East Side early Wednesday morning at Denver Blvd and S. Mesquite Street.

San Antonio Police are still working to determine who shot 14-year-old Andres Delgado IV inside his home early Wednesday morning.

"We grew up together, little Andy was our neighbor he was 14 and his little sister Wanda was 10, we grew up watching them play every day,” said nearby neighbor Karen Guerrero.

Neighbors are sad and in shock after a 14-year-old boy is shot and killed inside his home early Wednesday morning. Police tell us the boy was shot while in his bed.

"The shooting all occurred inside the house with a variety of weapons that were found around the house, there were a lot of shell casings, there were jammed weapons, there were live rounds on the floor,” said Police Chief William McManus.

Police say they found a shot gun, ar-15 assault rifle and several other guns inside as well as shell casings in every room of the house.

"We did know that he did have several guns, we always known he did because he would show them here and there and say he had guns and stuff,” said Guerrero.

Police say the father claimed someone was in the backyard of the house and that is why he was shooting.

But, police say they saw no threat from the outside.

"Right now we don't know exactly what was going through the father's head,” said Chief McManus.

Police say a 12-year-old girl was also in the home and not harmed.

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