Family says police have evidence contradicting video showing missing boy being found

    (Photo: San Antonio police department)

    Family members said San Antonio police have evidence that contradicts video posted on Facebook Wednesday that appears to show the moments a missing 9-year-old boy was found this morning.

    Isaiah "Ronnie" Hedland went missing Tuesday afternoon but was found in an alley Wednesday morning with his shoes off. The cell phone video posted by Clarissa Perales showed the moment when she and her nephew, Alexavier Estrada, allegedly found Hedland in an alley.

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    Emily Perales says her sister called her Wednesday morning to say she was concerned about Hedland, who went missing while walking home from school from Graebner Elementary School. Perales' sister added that she and her teenage son would go looking for Ronnie.

    "She called a little bit later and is like, 'we found him,'" recalls Perales of the conversation with Vasquez after she found Ronnie.

    Perales said her sister found Ronnie lying down in an alley. She initially thought he might be homeless, but that he jumped up when she said, "Ronnie, Ronnie!"His shoes were off and placed to the side, as if he had taken them off to go to sleep, said Perales. The little boy apparently couldn't remember when Perales asked him what happened Tuesday.

    The boy was taken away from the scene in an ambulance. There is no update on his condition at this time.

    Authorities searched Perales’ SUV and questioned the pair for several hours. Family members said police have evidence that contradicts their story, but they are frustrated and they can’t believe this is happening to the people found the boy.

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    “This is very very frustrating for us all," Perales said. "Because they are good people and they were trying to do something good to help someone. And the kid was found but the cops are just with them. And I’m hoping the family is being investigated as well because maybe someone did take him and leave them out there, we don’t know. And that person may be out there.”

    Estrada’s mother said her son was either with friends or was home with her last night. She said her son has never been in trouble before. She said she wants to be in the interrogation room with her son but police will not let her back there.

    Just before Hedland was found, San Antonio Police Chief William McManus held a press conference where he asked the child to return home.

    "Ronnie, if you're listening or if you're with someone who's listening, we want you to know that your dad misses you very much and you are not in trouble," McManus said.

    Hedland was last seen walking home from Graebner Elementary School, located along Hoover Street, on the South Side. He remained missing during the overnight hours, as temperatures hovered in the 40s.

    We reached out to the San Antonio police department but they did not have any additional details due to the ongoing investigation.

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