Police spot new type of skimmer, urge drivers to be alert at gas pump

New gas pump skimmer in Seguin (Photo: Seguin Police Department)

SAN ANTONIO - A new type of gas pump skimmer has been found in South Texas and authorities are urging consumers to stay alert while pumping gas.

Police in Seguin say they have discovered gas skimmers at two different locations that appear to tap directly into the pump's motherboard.

The purpose of connecting directly to the pump's computer is to collect credit card information.

Segiun police say there are a few ways you can stay alert while at the gas pump:

  • Use your bluetooth. If you see strange letters and numbers under 'other devices,' it could be a skimmer (Be careful not to use your phone while pumping gas).
  • Check the red tape on the pump. If the red seal is broken, don't use it.
  • Use the pumps closest to the store.
  • Always remember to check your credit card statement for any strange charges.

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