Police: Woman talked daughter into starting apartment fire

(Photo: Bexar County Records)

SAN ANTONIO - A woman is under arrest after being accused of talking her teenage daughter into setting their apartment on fire.

According to the arrest affidavit, LaClandra Walker, 34, was charged with Arson to a Habitation in connection with a fire on June 18 at the Callaghan Crossing Apartments.

The affidavit said she and conspired with her common-law husband in getting her teen daughter to start a fire in their apartment after they were told by the apartment manager that they were going to be evicted.

Bexar County fire marshal Chris Lopez has been investigating arson cases for the county since 2005.

He says there are a number of reasons for someone to commit arson.

But the most common

“You have those folks that do it for spite and revenge,” said Lopez. “There are people who do it for profit. There are actually people who do it for the insurance money.”

The common-law husband told the teenager that he would pay her and her sister $200 each to set the apartment on fire.

The affidavit said the teen initially turned down the offer, but after being pressured, she reluctantly agreed.

Lopez says it's common for arsonists to include multiple people.

"And so they end up with not only themselves being in trouble but the person that they asked to conspire with them to commit that arson," said Lopez.

Walker is also being investigated into setting her previous apartment in Corpus Christi on fire, and laying the blame on her youngest daughter, as well as a similar fire that happened in 2012 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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