Popular online quizzes are after your personal info

Online quizzes are all over social media these days. Facebook is especially full of them. You know the ones they ask you a series of questions to help you find out what kind of superhero you are or what kind of Disney princes you would you be in real life.

The quizzes want to know your favorite color, what kind of prince you would like and whether or not you like walks on the beach or curling up with a good book by the fire. But cyber-security experts say beware.

"You're not quite sure who's asking the question," tech security consultant Jason Kee said.

He says the quiz makers don't really care if you're Batman or Ariel. They just want to know more about you and then sell that information to third parties.

"Information is very important to companies and it's very profitable in a lot of ways," Kee said.

They want to know where you live. What you buy. Where you vacation. Every answer to these quizzes can be tailor made for ads you are more likely to click on.

Kee says you should read some of the privacy policies on these quizzes. We found one that says quiz creators can access your IP address, first and last name and more.

Quiz makers say they use the information to make better quizzes. But, that does not apply to third parties.

So the more quizzes you take, the more third parties know about you.

"Worst case scenario is that information being used by someone who is not trying to sell you a service but maybe trying to break into your life, steal your identity," Kee said.

Even if you think these online quizzes are silly and a waste of your time, what about your children?

"This is of great concern to me," Kee said. "The amount of activity companies and even other organizations put in gathering information about children online."

So next time you are tempted to take one of those quizzes Kee says you need to ask yourself how much personal information you are willing to put out there and share with a company you don't even know.

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