Postal inspector warning

United States Postal Inspectors have a warning regarding a certain "work from home" job.

They tell the story of a woman who answered an ad for a "reshipping position."

"It sounded excellent because the starting pay was $2,500 a month, plus so much per package depending on the package," said the victim who chose not to reveal her identity.

The job description: Receive packages, print out pre-paid postage labels, repackage and reship items.

Right around the time victims should be receiving their first paychecks they were met with silence.

"When I started trying to approach them and call them, they would not take my calls. Everyone disappeared. Completely disappeared. "

Postal inspectors say this is typical when it comes to "work from home" schemes.

"Typically, the merchandise is stolen merchandise where they may have used an innocent or another victim's personal information," said U.S. Postal Inspector Stephanie Houston.

Postal inspectors say "reshipping positions" are almost never legitimate, and always protect your personal information, like your bank account and social security number.

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