Presidential Candidate Castro platform to include immigration, education reform


Former San Antonio Mayor and Obama HUD Secretary Julian Castro is running for president in 2020 and shared his plans for the future at his campaign announcement.

"To come forward as one nation with one destiny, that destiny is to be the smartest, healthiest, fairest, and most prosperous nation on Earth.” Castro said.

He also said he wants to bring his “PreK4SA” program to the entire country, as well as help for higher education.

"We'll work to make the first two years of college a certification program or apprenticeship affordable and accessible." Castro said.

He also hopes to bring healthcare to every household.

"It's time for Medicare for all Universal healthcare for every single American." Castro said.

As well as create reform in the justice system.

"Innocent until proven guilty shouldn't just be reserved for the wealthy few." Castro said.

And gave his comments on a current presidential clash with congress.

"Yeah we have to have border security but there's a smart and a humane way to do it, and there is no way in hell caging babies is the smart and humane way to do it." Castro said.

While also giving groups a look into the future.

"As president my first executive order will recommit the United States to the Paris Climate Accords,” said Castro. “I won't be accepting a dime of PAC money for this campaign."

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