Provisional Ballots the last piece of the election puzzle


Election day has come and gone but right now the county still working to tally up the votes, as more ballots come in.

We're hearing some votes may not actually count?

It's all about whether or not you reported to the right precinct, and whether or not you used a provisional ballot, which is given to voters who's eligibility cannot be proven at the polls.

After a record turnout of voters on election day, Elections Administrator Jacque Callanen said there's still more ballots to count.

"I call them buckets, we have mail trays with green envelopes all lined up." Callanen said

And said there's more on the way.

"The legislature acknowledged the U.S. Postal Service and the delay so we did receive a large number of ballots Wednesday." Callanen said

But it's the votes that might not be counted, that could have the most impact.

"That Validation of us saying ok, paper had this many votes, well then we have to find them and prove we had this many voters." Callanen said

906 provisional ballots were cast during this election, 826 on election day and 82 through early voting, the ballots are used by voters whose eligibility cannot be proven.

"It has to go through a process they go to the early ballot board where we qualify them." Callanen said.

But can be rejected if you registered in a different precinct and in elections separated by single digits.

"East Central ISD had one race, there's a 9 vote difference so they're watching very closely." Callanen said.

Every ballot will be checked to see if it counts.

"It's work it’s tedious work and it's going to take us a long time to do that." Callanen said.

Legally the early elections board has until the 19th of November to accept or reject the ballots.

If you voted provisionally one way to ensure your vote counts is to go to the elections office with a valid form of identification.

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