Race for Texas 23rd Congressional District ongoing


The battle for Texas' 23rd Congressional District is not over.

Ballots are still being counted after the lead shifted on election night between Republican Will Hurd and Democratic challenger Gina Ortiz Jones.

Provisional, absentee, military and overseas ballots are still pending and Ortiz-Jones say the race will not end until those votes are in.

"We remain committed to making sure that every vote is counted for the first time and we're working with all 29 counties to make sure that's the case," said Ortiz-Jones.

We reached out to both candidates for an on-camera interview to see how they believe the last-minute ballots will affect the final result.

A statement was provided by Hurd's campaign manager, Justin Hollis:

"While we agree that all votes must be counted, it’s also time for Gina Jones to acknowledge that Will Hurd maintains over a 1,150 vote lead that is insurmountable given the small number of uncounted ballots. A television interview that smacks of desperation will do nothing to change the reality of the situation; it only highlights the priority she puts on her own aspirations rather than those of the citizens of the 23rd Congressional District."

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