Residents in Dimmitt pick up the pieces after tornado damage

Residents in Dimmitt pick up the pieces after tornado damage. (Photo by Kendra Hall ABC7)

"This is west Texas and we know we're gonna have them sometimes so we just tolerate them," said Glenn Odom, Dimmitt Resident. "Doesn't mean we like it, but we endure."

The tornadoes went right by Odom's home. Thankfully his house is still standing, but there is a lot of damage surrounding him.

"There's two small barns that are gone and we had some trailers out there," said Odom. "We found some of them and we had small steal trailers that are buckled."

Odom was lucky. The tornadoes took apart his neighbor's house. No injuries were reported form the storm, but several houses were damaged.

"It was a really interesting storm from a meteorological aspect because it didn't move very quickly in fact it was kind of fairly stationary for quite a couple hours," said Mark Conder, meteorologist for the National Weather Service.

Conder said one large tornado did the majority of the damage. His team estimated the width to be 300-400 yards wide. He says it's the worst tornado this area has seen in awhile.

"I feel pretty lucky," said Dustin Lara, Dimmitt Resident.

Lara his a down power line last night and the line sling-shotted him back nearly 200 ft. Xcel Energy said power lines and poles are down for about five miles.

More than 100 customers were without power. Several poles were destroyed and Xcel said it will take several weeks to fix completely. Folks in the area say they are just lucky to be alive.

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