Retired couple fights to recoup money for unauthorized bank transactions

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SAN ANTONIO - A retired couple is trying to recover money taken out of their bank account for payments they say were never authorized.

Turns out the suspicious withdrawals surfaced soon after they bought a new car.

"Maybe we were just easy targets or something," Pedro Ramirez said.

Pedro and Olga Ramirez bought their Toyota Corolla nearly two years ago.

They recently found out they've been paying $92 dollars a month from their checking account for an extended warranty they did not authorize.

"Not right for somebody to go in there and start taking money out of your account," Ramirez said.

It turns out the extended warranty is from a 3rd party seller that uses another company to

process payments.

"They said they had her on a voice recording so she requested to hear the voice recording and what this car treaty did they just hung up the phone," Ramirez said.

Fox San Antonio reached out to leaders with North Park Toyota.

General Manager Merle Gothard said, "We are in no way connected to or have a relationship with any outside warranty providers." and "We don't ever sell or share customer information."

Pedro and Olgra Ramirez already have an extended warranty that was purchased during the sale of the car.

"We want our money back, we need that money too," Ramirez said.

We looked into the payment processing company Omnisure Group.

The company has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau but 94-pecent of customers have left negative service reviews.

"They would not give us any information," Ramirez said. "In the last letter we asked that they send us copies of contract they say we signed but they don't send us nothing because they don't have anything."

Fox San Antonio found out when you buy a car or home your information can be obtained by third parties as a matter of public record.

You're urged to beware of solicitations and keep watch of your bank accounts.

Omnisure Group is looking into the Ramirez complaint and says the issue will be resolved.

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