Safe exchange zones help save craigslist shoppers

safe swap.png

The man shot in a sale setup online is now dead according to police.

The victim, at University Hospital on life support, died of his injuries after being shot at the corner of Sherry street and Clegg drive. After setting up the sale of a car online, the two involved in the exchange met to make the deal, when a gun was drawn and shots were fired.

Sergeant Michael Ross with the San Antonio Police Department said cases like this are preventable with a simple change of setting.

"People are meeting people that they don't know or having people come to their house, what we encourage every citizen of San Antonio to use the safe exchange zones located at every substation." Ross said.

The exchange zones, set up a few years ago have cameras, and lights on trade spots 24/7 for safety.

"Not only do we have lights and cameras at the substation, its manned 24 hours a day and there's police cars coming in and out of here all the time." Ross said.

Sergeant Ross says establishing a safe zone early, could keep you aware of potential problems with your online deal

"If they don't want to do that, that should raise a serious red flag whether they're on the up and up." Ross said.

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