SAISD to close Rodriguez Elementary

(Photo Courtesy: SBG San Antonio)

SAN ANTONIO - After five years of not passing state academic standards, the San Antonio Independent School District (SAISD) will close Rodriguez Elementary after this coming school year.

The official STAAR results will not be made public until Aug. 15, but SAISD decided the school did not meet academic standards. The 2018-19 school year will not be impacted by the closing, but Texas state law requires it to close at the end of May 2019. The district has remained in contact with the Texas Education Agency.

"It is really unfortunate, we live one block away this is really convenient, and if there was anything we could do to try to keep it open we would," said Lazaro Belmares who has 3 children going to Rodriguez Elementary.

SAISD informed parents last spring of the school possibly closing in a letter. The district said progress was made at the school but not enough to keep it open. We are told the district will work with parents for next years options.

"There was a lot of investment and resources put in. They even had a grant of over a $1 million for 3 years to be able to help develop what they needed. They added about half more of their staff, some were instructional coaches some were teachers," said Leslie Price, spokesperson for SAISD.

"Ultimately, SAISD wants to open another school at this location, and will be meeting with the Rodriguez community to determine the best model for a new school and plan for that development," SAISD said in a statement.

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