Salvation Army preparing San Antonio homeless community to get through the cold


The Salvation Army along with volunteers from Gonzaba Medical Group hit the streets to provide relief through the extreme cold blast.

Their mobile kitchen was set up on Houston Street to deliver hot chocolate, soup and snacks.

Through donations, they were able to hand out dozens of clothing items to people battling the cold.

"It's pretty cold out here tonight," said Salvation Army Emergency Shelter Director Roxanne Coronado. "Out of the years that we've come out, this has probably been the coldest."

The event helped people like Penny Sue Greene who has been homeless in San Antonio for about two years.

"It's nice to know that somebody cares because right now, the cold combined with everything else can be really crippling and a lot of us are sleeping outside," said Greene.

The 52-year-old was giving up on herself but the efforts of strangers brought her hope.

"The other day, I was cursing at the Lord. I was like you don't even care. I was so devastated. I just felt so devastated and broken and then somebody came up to me and said here," Greene said.

Volunteers also let people know about places to seek shelter through the cold night.

"They're grateful that someone remembers them and cares enough to make sure that they stay warm," said Brad Mayhar, a Salvation Army spokesperson.

According to Mayhar, The Salvation Army Hope Center/Emergency Shelter For Women And Children was at maximum capacity with 150 people spending the night. In order to make more room for Salvation Army plans to set up cots in the lobby.

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