Salvation Army shelters at maximum capacity during cold blast


More than 165 people spent the night at the Salvation Army's Emergency Shelter for Women and Children.

The Salvation Army, operating under "cold weather" policy, will not turn anyone away. When beds filled up, workers set up cots in the lobby for people seeking shelter from the cold.

Patricia Reed, 51, is grateful to have a warm place to lay her head.

"Last night, it would have been... oh my goodness, I would have froze," she said.

The 51-year-old was kicked out of her apartment on Nov.1 and has been living on the streets since. The Salvation Army is helping her out through the cold blast.

"Normally, I do fine. My gear is enough but last night, that was the worst it's been this year," said Reed. "I'm very glad they're here to take care of us in the cold, back me up, to meet my emergency needs during the cold," Reed said.

She and others were also given blankets and hot meals.

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