San Antonio area bars a recent target for burglaries

San Antonio bars targeted by burglars

Police are investigating recent burglaries at businesses on San Antonio’s Northside.

"They used a pry bar right here, and just pulled the door open,” said John Enloe from Cooter Browns Saloon.

At least one thief appears to be targeting and stealing from local bars. The burglaries seem to happen very quick.

Enloe tells us that Cooter Browns had roughly $10,000 taken.

"They went in, grabbed the safe, and knew exactly where it was in the office,” said Enloe. “They just walked out the back door.”

Cooter Browns isn’t alone. Other bars have been impacted as well.

"They just smashed this window here, and then went under the bar,” said Michael Teran from Whisky Tree. “They severed all of the lines to the DVR, and took the DVR. They rifled through the office pretty well, and got the majority of our petty cash."

We discovered that at least 7 bars have been hit by burglars within the last 2 weeks. Most of those impacted, are on the Northwest side of San Antonio.

"We're thinking it's the same person,” said Teran. “It seems like they're taking DVR’s, safes, and petty cash. They’re not really touching anything else."

Whoever is responsible has been stealing the surveillance systems. Unfortunately, none of the business owners we spoke with were able to provide surveillance videos.

"It has to be someone that just jumps from bar to bar,” said Enloe. “I hope we find them one day."

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