Boy's ultimate Fiesta, 5th birthday celebration with Coco photo shoot, Fiesta medal

Coco bluebonnet pic Photo courtesy family of Thiago Cotterell.PNG

A young San Antonio boy is about to turn 5-years-old and he's celebrating with a unique photo shoot and Coco-inspired Fiesta medal.

Thiago caught our attention with his bluebonnet picture, which shows him dressed as Miguel, the music-loving boy from Disney's blockbuster movie, "Coco."

In the picture, he's holding a plush Dante, his spirit guide, in one arm, while holding onto a white guitar in the other; both also feature prominently in the movie.

Thiago's family tells us he loves bluebonnets and "Coco," so they decided to combine both into a photo shoot. In addition, the family put out Coco-inspired Fiesta medals to mark Thiago's upcoming 5th birthday party.

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