San Antonio church builds "transition homes" to help the homeless

San Antonio church builds "transition homes" to help the homeless

A Westside church is trying to help the homeless with new transition homes.

“I have no words,” said Juan Chavez, a transition home recipient.

Last Chance Ministries is building 5 new transition homes for the homeless. On Friday, Chavez had the opportunity to see his new home for the first time.

“I’m speechless,” said Chavez.

After some bad luck. Chavez says he spent 4 months living and sleeping at Woodlawn Park.

"I couldn't even sleep, because I’d have to sleep with one eye open, and one eye closed,” said Chavez. “Anything I’d hear, I’d have to get up and look around."

Each miniature home cost Last Chance Ministries roughly $5,000. The church hopes to have sponsors cover costs, and furnish each house.

Pastor Jimmy Robles, from last Chance Ministries, came up with the idea.

“We don’t judge them,” said Pastor Robles, referring to the homeless population. “We just love them.”

“I can't believe it,” said Chavez. “It's going to be my house. I'm going to be living there."

Pastor Robles says that a qualified homeless person will leave in each home for 3 months.

"It's not a handout,” said Pastor Robles. “We're teaching them how to be men, and how to be women of God. How to get a job, and be successful.”

If this project is successful, Pastor Robles hopes to add more of these transitional homes throughout the city.

"I'm speechless,” said Chavez. “I never expected anything like this in my life. God showed me, hey, I’m with you."

If you’d like to sponsor a transition home click HERE, or call 210-584-0885

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