San Antonio congregation delivers early holiday gifts to Sutherland Springs


A church group from San Antonio is delivering some early holiday cheer to the community of Sutherland Springs.

"We're just so excited we're going," said Mari Garcia.

Not long after the lights of 26 lives were extinguished in the shooting at the First Baptist Church in early November, Mari Garcia knew she wanted to help.

“We've been praying for them for a long time since this happened,” said Garcia.

In the following weeks, Garcia and members of the Baruch Hashem and Emanuel Worship Center began bringing presents for the Christmas holiday.

"We're celebrating Hanukkah,” said Garcia

The donations include toys, sweet treats, and gift baskets for the families.

During their festival of lights, this congregation is spreading the light of their holiday to the community of Sutherland Springs.

“Hopefully this will brighten them up even if for a moment,” said Josh Garcia.

“I know we cannot undo what happened, but at least for the holidays we can bring some joy to the children,” said Mari.

It's still not too late to donate.

The congregation from San Antonio will still be accepting gifts for Sutherland Springs Frist Baptist Church right up until Christmas.

If you would like to donate, you can drop off gifts at 16320 Huebner Road, San Antonio, Texas 78248.

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