San Antonio considering removal of hundreds of billboards


    SAN ANTONIO- Mayor Ron Nirenberg is proposing an ordinance to remove roughly 300 billboards across the city.

    "There will be much less clutter coming from signs across our community,” said Mayor Nirenberg. “The most significant removal of sign clutter in our city's history.”

    Right now, there are roughly 1,200 billboards scattered throughout San Antonio. According to the mayor, this ordinance would reduce that number by about 25 percent.

    Clear Channel Outdoor would pay for the changes. According to a spokesperson from the advertising company, 13 digital displays would be used to replace the 300 billboards.

    “The company would have 18 months to remove all structures, and they will do so at their expense,” said Nirenberg.

    Thursday, we met drivers who went both ways on the issue.

    “I don’t have a problem with it,” said Hector Cortez. “I don’t think there’s too many now. I don’t think cutting it down would make that much of a difference.”

    “I don’t think there are too many,” said Mary LaRose. “But, I’d like to see less.”

    The City Council will be voting on this issue in April. Until then, they are asking for the public’s feedback.

    "We're asking for citizen input,” said Nirenberg. “From there, we're just very excited that we're going to see this reduction of clutter in our sign space.”

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