San Antonio enters Stage 1 water restrictions


The city of San Antonio entered Stage 1 water restrictions on Monday after the Edwards Aquifer dropped below 660 feet.

The rain that fell on Sunday night did not have much of an effect on the rolling 10-day average, which hit 658.5 feet on Monday.

The city's ordinance requires that water restrictions take affect when the 10-day average of the Edwards Aquifer at the J-17 monitoring well drops to 660 feet or below.

Read the entire statement from San Antonio Water System below:

SAN ANTONIO – San Antonio has not experienced drought restrictions since October 2017, but despite the recent rain, the 10-day average at San Antonio’s monitoring well has dropped to 658.5, requiring a return to Stage 1 water restrictions effective Monday, May 21.

Per City ordinance, City Manager Sheryl Sculley in consultation with Robert R. Puente, President/CEO of San Antonio Water System, declared Stage 1 management rules are in effect.

Stage 1 of the city’s drought plan is triggered when the 10-day average of the Edwards Aquifer at the J-17 monitoring well drops to 660 feet or below. According to the city’s Aquifer Management Plan ordinance, coming out of drought stages can be considered 15 days after the aquifer is above the trigger.

“Despite the cooler weather and rain we’ve received this year the region’s water use has driven aquifer levels to drop,” Puente said. “We have an ample supply of water from the Edwards and several other sources, but state law requires us to cut back on pumping when the Edwards Aquifer reaches certain levels.”

When in Stage 1, outdoor watering with a sprinkler or irrigation system is allowed only before 11 a.m. and after 7 p.m., one day per week, based on the last number of your address:

  • 0 or 1 – Monday
  • 2 or 3 – Tuesday
  • 4 or 5 – Wednesday
  • 6 or 7 – Thursday
  • 8 or 9 – Friday

Watering days begin and end at midnight; overnight watering is not allowed. Water waste, such as water running down the street, is prohibited year-round. However, watering with a handheld hose is still allowed any day, any time.

SAWS offers its water customers $100 or $200 coupons to replace water-intensive grass with drought-tolerant garden beds or permeable patios. The coupons are available through May 31 so customers should act quickly to take advantage of the online offer at

San Antonio Water System provides water and wastewater services to more than 1.8 million customers in the San Antonio region, and continues to set the standard for service within our industry. SAWS is the national leader in water innovation with the largest direct recycled system in the country, the largest groundwater-based Aquifer Storage & Recovery facility in the nation. SAWS was the first in the U.S. in converting methane gas to energy, making this wonderful city…Waterful. For more information, visit

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