San Antonio father fighting for two children after 14-year-old dies in ex-wife's care


A San Antonio father who fought to get rights over his 14-year-old daughter's body is now fighting to save his surviving children.

Michael Krouser, 50, said his ex-wife refused to let him be a part of his children's life after they split up. Now, she is behind bars facing neglect and child abuse charges following the death of their daughter, Amina.

Krouser was notified of his daughter's passing by a Child Protective Services case worker when she showed up at his door in December of 2017.

"They read a report about my daughter being dead," said Krouser fighting back tears. "I'm sorry that's just playing over and over and over again"

Milwaukee County Jail records show his ex-wife Azlyza Ababneh was booked on four counts of neglecting a child and one count of child abuse.

Krouser said Amina went to the hospital in December. Doctors found signs of severe abuse that caused brain injuries. Her mother allegedly refused an operation that could have saved her life. It's believed the 14-year-old passed away from an infection in the brain.

"I still don't know how to process it," Krouser said.

Michael's ex-wife still had rights over Amina's body and Krouser said she prolonged the process of her funeral. After her body spent three months in a morgue, a judge ordered Krouser to arrange a proper funeral for her.

He didn't want her in some unmarked grave so I did what the kids wanted, I got her cremated," Krouser said.

His two surviving children are now in state custody as he fights to get them back.

"I know there's a 10 year gap that I need to make up and I ain't going to make that up over night but I'm looking to do what I couldn't do for them for 10 years," Krouser said.

Krouser says he is working to get a bigger place to live and find a better job to secure a home sustainable for his two children.

"I'm very determined. I'm going to go for custody of my kids," Krouser said.

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