San Antonio firefighters save Christmas presents from burning home


San Antonio firefighters rescued a family's Christmas presents as they worked to battle flames inside of their home.

On Sunday afternoon, the family of six escaped the fire inside of their house on Scarlet Oak Drive in East San Antonio.

As crews worked to get the fire contained, other firefighters began a rescue mission to save the children's gifts. A neighbor captured the video of firefighters carrying the presents outside of the home and neatly assembling them on the front lawn.

"That was the most touching thing that I have ever seen," said Rosa De La Cruz, the children's aunt who lived with them.

They were able to savage decorations and wrapped-presents.

"Just for the two guys to take the time to make the kids' lives much better that was really something that," said De La Cruz. "You know, deep in my heart, I love. It hurts but at the same time, I was so happy too. "

A day before the fire, the children had received a large donation of presents from a program that provides gifts to children who have parents in prison.

"We didn't expect that. That's the whole thing about it that they did it out of their heart," said De La Cruz.

The children are in need of school uniforms, shoes, furniture, and other essentials. If you would like to help out, you can donate here.

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