San Antonio gas station targeted by skimmers multiple times this week

Gas station skimmers

SAN ANTONIO - Multiple credit card skimmers were discovered at a Valero gas station in Stone Oak this week.

According to the Hollywood Park Police Chief, one skimmer was discovered Tuesday. Then another skimmer was discovered Thursday in a different pump at the same Valero.

Police tell us skimmers targeted this gas station near Loop 1604 and Voigt Drive back in November as well.

"They figured out a niche to steal from you and I,” said Chief Shad Prichard. “It's working out pretty well for them right now."

“It's happening way too much, and at way too many gas stations too,” said Ariel Briseno a customer at the Valero.

Police exclusively provided us with surveillance photos from Tuesday’s incident. Authorities believe the three people in the pictures are responsible for putting at least one skimmer in a gas pump this week.

“A lot of times these cameras are poor quality, and you can't see the people putting the skimmer in there,” Prichard said. "The timing of this worked in our favor. We're narrowing down our search.”

Police advise checking for security stickers before you start pumping gas. If they're broken, your pump could be the target.

"If you see that this seal is missing, or damaged at all, you don't want to use that pump," Prichard said.

Both pumps that were targeted this week were located on the far side of the station. In particular, police say pump #15 and #3 were the ones impacted.

The three men allegedly responsible took off in a white truck.

The Hollywood Park Police Chief has a message for them if they see this story.

“If you’re missing serial number 82, and you'd like to claim this property, come on down we'd love to talk with you,” Prichard said. "We have more information today, than we did yesterday, and we'll have more tomorrow. We're coming.”

This particular gas station is owned by Circle K. Below is a statement they provided us on the incident.

“Data thieves continue to develop methods to steal credit card data," said Paul Rodriquez, VP of Operations at Circle K. "Some of these schemes include installing various devices inside fuel dispensers that collect customers' sensitive financial information. While our dispensers are checked frequently for such devices, customers can also take steps to protect themselves by checking credit or debit card transactions daily, and by scanning dispensers for foreign devices before using.

"With fuel dispensers, you can often tell if it has been pried open or tampered with. If you see something that looks suspicious, do not use the fuel dispenser and inform a store employee right away."

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