San Antonio International Airport security beyond TSA checkpoints

SAT Airport security

The San Antonio International Airport continues to grow at a steady pace.

On an average day roughly 30,000 passengers travel through SAT, while airlines continue to add more and more flights.

In an exclusive, behind the scenes look at the airport, we learned how officials keep the growing amount of passengers safe.

"I don't want an event to happen here at this airport,” said airport security manager Chris Cole,

Although TSA checkpoints are noticeable at all airports, we’re told the security process actually begins before passengers arrive for flights.

"Step 1 is the internet,” said Cole. “Once you come to the airport, we have individuals that monitor the behavior of an individual."

Currently, the airport has roughly 450 cameras that watch everything from above.

We’re told crews plan on adding an additional 750 cameras to the airport by September of 2019.

"There's a lot behind the scenes that we can't talk about,” said Cole. “It's to make sure that we keep everybody safe."

Additional security measures take place outside the terminals, on the airfield.

"We're looking for anything out of the ordinary,” said Robert VanBurg the airport operations manager.

VangBurg drives hundreds of miles around the airport every week.

He tells us he’s constantly checking employee badges, and searching for foreign object debris (FOD).

FOD can include stones, dead animals, paper, and trash.

If FOD isn’t disposed of, it could potentially damage an airplane.

"I like to think that if we're doing our job right, you don't see us,” said VanBurg.

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