San Antonio International Airport works to eliminate germs during flu outbreak


SAN ANTONIO - Studies show airport terminals have an extremely high rate of germs and bacteria.

"There are thousands of people that circulate and we're doing all we can to help protect them," said Tom Bartlett, Deputy Aviation Director at San Antonio International Airport.

A new study confirms once again that various surfaces in the cabin of a commercial plane have many times the amount of bacteria than an average kitchen counter. Other findings show that surfaces in airport terminals have even higher germ counts than those in the planes, according to the Los Angeles Times.

With flu cases on the rise, San Antonio International Airport is responding to the epidemic.

"We use a hospital-grade cleaner, disinfectant both on our floors, restrooms, particularly on all the fixtures," said Bartlett.

More than 30 hand-sanitizer stations are set up throughout SAT.

Cleaning crews are busy throughout the day. Workers mop terminal floors, bathroom fixtures are disinfected and TSA rugs cleaned multiple times.

San Antonio International Airport is also in partnership with the Metro Health Department and the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention to keep a Healthy Traveler Program implemented. The plan was designed to help prevent the spread of communicable disease at airports."

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