San Antonio police officer arrested on shoplifting charges

This is not Officer Stephanie Solis' first problem with the department. (Photo courtesy SAPD)

SAN ANTONIO - We are learning about a San Antonio police officer who was arrested, and is now accused of shoplifting.

The officer was released on bond a little after 3am Friday morning. We started getting tips about the incident Thursday after the officer was picked up for shoplifting.

Police say they responded to a call at Ingram Park Mall around 3:45pm Thursday afternoon. Sources tell us Stephanie Solis, 40, was caught with nearly $500-dollars in stolen perfumes from a store inside the mall. They say she also had pills on her during a search.

This is not Solis' first problem with the department. She's been disciplined in the past, and served suspensions for not doing her job as an officer.

Officer Solis was booked for Theft $100-750, a Class B misdemeanor. It's still unclear what new disciplinary action she will face, including the possibility of being fired from the department.

“Officer Stephanie Solis is a nine-year veteran of the San Antonio Police Department. She will be placed on administrative leave pending further investigation. The theft case will be submitted to the District Attorney’s Office for review and an Internal Affairs investigation into this incident is already underway,” said the San Antonio Police Public Information Office in a statement.

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