San Antonio ranks surprisingly low on aggressive driving scale

    Aggressive drivers (Source: Gas Buddy)

    SAN ANTONIO - In a new survey on aggressive driving, San Antonio ranks in the bottom third among major U.S. cities. Local motorists are surprised at that result.

    "This town is endemic for bad driving," said Bill Cook, who lives on the Northwest side of San Antonio.

    San Antonio ranks 21st for aggressive driving out of the 30 cities surveyed by GasBuddy.

    "Maybe they were a little generous on that survey," Cook said. "I think San Antonio is probably a little bit more aggressive than 21st."

    GasBuddy uses an app to measure speed, rapid acceleration and hard braking. The numbers combine to reveal a city's collective level of aggressiveness.

    "Aggressive driving leads to road rage," said Louis Salazar, owner of Comedy Speed Relief Defensive Driving. "You don't always have to win."

    Louis Salazar owns Comedy Speed Relief Defensive Driving (SBG photo)

    Los Angeles and Philadelphia rank 1-2 on the aggression scale. Austin is the most aggressive Texas city at No. 9. As a state, Texas ranks fourth.

    Local drivers say they are amazed at what they see on the road.

    "I've seen people physically playing bumper cars, chasing each other because of some perceived slight of some sort," Cook said.

    The consensus is the situation is getting worse.

    "People get so angry when they are driving and I don't understand why.," said San Antonio resident Alice Laurel. "It's getting worse. They'll chew out an old man that's driving the speed limit."

    Alice Laurel (SBG photo)

    Speed is typically a major source of problems.

    "Some of the younger folks, they speed way over the speed limit," Salazar said. "They don't see the danger with the speed. The bigger the speed, the bigger the mess."

    As San Antonio continues to grow, aggressive driving figures to be an even larger problem.

    "There's a lot of stress in San Antonio," Salazar said. "San Antonio has just gotten bigger and bigger, and the more people you got, the worse it's going to get."

    "They need to teach common sense in high school., Leave early, pay attention," Salazar said.

    GasBuddy also reports Wednesday is the least aggressive day to drive while Friday is when aggressive driving peaks. So be careful out there tomorrow.

    "I can see Friday afternoons as being dangerous as everybody is trying to get home a little extra fast," Cook said.

    Bill Cook (SBG photo)

    To see where each of the 30 largest cities rank, check out GasBuddy's survey.

    The Texas Department of Transportation also has advice on avoiding becoming an aggressive driver.

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