San Antonio Reaction To Trump's Immigration Plan

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By Darian Trotter

Fox San Antonio


SAN ANTONIO - Shock waves are moving across San Antonio over Donald Trump's plan to block billions of dollars in money transfers from the U.S. to Mexico.

The GOP Presidential Candidate laid out a controversial plan this week in his most detailed immigration policy proposal to date.

Darian Trotter has local reaction.

"We send the money over there because they need it," Elvira De Leon.

For the past 20-years Elvira De Leon and her husband have sent money every month to family members in Mexico.

"They're waiting for the money, not for expensive something it's for the basics like food, like bills, like medical," she explained.

Now that life-line is being threatened by a plan to block money transfers known as remittances from immigrants living in the U.S. to struggling family members in Mexico.

Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump laid out the idea this week in his most detailed immigration policy proposal to date.

"So I think Trump's plan is actually going to have the opposite effect of what he wants it to have," attorney Lance Curtright said.

By blocking some 24-billion dollars Mexico receives each year from immigrants working in the U.S. Trump hopes to force Mexico to pay for a wall along the southern U.S. Border.

Lance Curtright is an immigration attorney who says the plan would likely backfire.

"By stopping the money from going back to Mexico it's really going to have a really bad effect on the Mexican economy which in turn is going to increase the drive of people wanting to get out of Mexico and where are they going to go the richest county in the world is 100 miles away."

Elvira agrees it could devastate the country's economy.

"Now they don't send the money over there, they're going to try to get the people over here, come over here in the United States," De Leon said.

Curtright thinks the plan is just another one of Trump's inflammatory remarks to get a bump in the polls.

"Unfortunately that seems to play well with a certain demographic of the United States but it's not going to work well in the White House," Curtright said.

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