San Antonio State Hospital given surprising ultimatum

SBG San Antonio

SAN ANTONIO - Fix the problems in 23 days or else.

That ultimatum, from the feds to the San Antonio state hospital, after a recent unannounced visit.

For nearly three years, fox San Antonio’s Yami virgin has been investigating numerous problems at the hospital, including escapes and patient deaths.

Problems with the way psychiatric patients are assessed for being a suicide risk.

Problems with structural risks for suicide, and findings related to documentation of records are some of the problems the unannounced visit found on November 9th.

The visit, made by a company hired by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services to survey the State Hospital.

Fox San Antonio was made aware of the issues found by sources at the state hospital, who sent us a letter, the staff received it 10 days ago right after the visit.

In it, management explains that many risks were found during the unannounced visit "as well as a disconnect from staff of all disciplines over the potential for suicide by our patients."

The staff was also asked to read an excerpt from a 2012 article from Psychiatric Times..

The San Antonio State Hospital now has until December 2nd to fix the problems, or the State Hospital's accreditation could be at stake.

We reached out to Texas Health and Human Services who oversees the state hospital, they tell us emergency purchases are being made to take care of the structural problems that would allow patients to commit suicide.

Also, several key staff from central office in Austin are staying on-site to assist and monitor implementation of plans.

If you or a loved one has faced problems at the State Hospital you can contact Yami Virgin at

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