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San Antonio woman demands repairs or a replacement lawnmower, "This is ridiculous."

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Filing a claim using an extended service warranty has been a nightmare for one San Antonio woman.

She spent $1,999 for a riding lawnmower that eventually stopped working.

The extended warranty was intended to help protect her investment.

When she ran into trouble, she reached out to Fox San Antonio's Problem Solver Darian Trotter to get things done.

"I never expected that this to happen to me, especially spending so much money," said Mary Jimenez.

Mary Jimenez was proud when she bought this riding lawnmower for her husband.

She paid $1,999 cash, and even sprung for the 2-year extended service warranty. She never expected it would be needed so soon.

"He was baffled, he didn't know what was wrong," Jimenez said.

Within a matter of months, she says their beloved lawnmower stopped working.

"I was really alarmed because it was a brand new tractor; not even a year old," said Jimenez.

Jimenez first tried reaching out to Tractor Supply in Pleasanton.

After several attempts, she finally reached a manager who promised to help her file a claim with, Asurion, the warranty company.

That was in August.

"And maybe two weeks later nothing," Jimenez recalled.

She tried without success to file an online claim directly with Asurion.

After all, she paid $319 for the warranty.

"I thought it was peace of mind, it's not peace of mind," Jimenez said. "It's been a headache."

When she called the toll free number, she says she was sent in circles by the automated system.

She eventually went back to Tractor Supply.

"I said listen, this is ridiculous," Jimenez recounted. "I'm going to be really honest with you. Just get me a new one or give me my money back. I said, or something."

Her next step was to call the Problem Solver.

We reached out to tractor supply. A spokesman for the national retailer said in a statement, "We have reached out to Ms. Jimenez and apologize for the delay with our third-party warranty vendor.... They are (now) getting her the service she needs."

"I want them to fix it, make it right," said Jimenez. "That's all i want is make it right."

After we got involved, Jimenez heard back from the warranty company.

It turns out, the lawnmower is still covered under the manufacturer warranty.

Crews went out Monday to pick up the lawnmower.

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They’ll check to see if it can be repaired or if it needs to be replaced.

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