San Antonio's fashion scene sharpens its identity

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The San Antonio fashion scene is sharpening its identity. Fox San Antonio had a chance to peek into its colorful layers and see how far it's come.

Matthew Contreras and his sister Catherine started BarbacoApparel with two other team members and show how their apparel reflects definitive San Antonio concepts. Matthew shows how they have used one shirt design to showcase where different parts of taco meat comes from by showing, “We have lengua, brisket, barbacoa.”

BarbacoApparel is street wear born and designed in San Antonio. Matthew explains, “We wanted to do something for San Antonio. Something that only people in San Antonio would get.

Then there’s Gio Dizurita who’s taken her art and put it on leggings, dresses, shoes, and more and explains, “We like to wear things that speak to us. Art is already in everything, so I grab paintings and put [them] into clothing."

Both were winners at the 2018 San Antonio Fashion Awards this year. Ask them how the fashion world in San Antonio has changed in the past five years, and many, like Gio, will say, “Huge. Big Change!”

Many we spoke with point to a few reasons why like more organization and opportunity and to names like Burgundy Woods who started Style Lush TV. It’s an online centralized platform for fashion in San Antonio. Five years ago when she started it, Burgundy says, “It was just pockets of people all over the city doing things alone. And, I think what happened when Style Lush TV came and became the central media hub, []we became a glue for everyone[] Back then, there was a handful of bloggers. Now, there's hundreds of bloggers. There's multiple designers [and] new organizations for advocacy.”

Burgundy also runs the San Antonio Fashion Awards with many of them voted on by the San Antonio community. Burgundy explains, “Our mission is to bring awareness. We try to host events that bring awareness.”

Also, what is helping distinguish the San Antonio fashion scene is all of the cultural influences, like German, Latino, and Texan inspirations, that bring it alive and make it “Puro San Antonio.”

“I think what sets us apart from our entire fashion industry is our culture. We pull from the color, the territories. We share cultures. SA is so different,” says Burgundy.

As for where the industry can grow, Burgundy explains, “Once these creatives start to get paid what they’re worth, everything else will start to click into place. We’ll start to attract talent, help these smaller businesses and smaller brands grow.”

Helping the San Antonio Fashion scene be all it can be may be easier than it appears. Burgundy explains, “The best way to get involved is to support, to support, and to support [] Shop local. You’d be surprised how much your fifty dollars at a local shop goes towards with someone who’s actually a part of your community.”

Don’t miss Wednesday night’s story on Fox News at Nine on some of San Antonio’s other stand out stars and how you can get involved in San Antonio’s fashion scene. Also, if you have a story about a person, place, event, or concept that makes you San Antonio Proud and helps improve the community, email Jessica

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