San Antonio's favorite act of kindness revealed

Yvonne Perez, school counselor at Boone Elementary, wins favorite act of kindness over the last year on CASH FOR KINDNESS (KABB)

SAN ANTONIO - Who could forget the tears, the surprises and the acts of kindness that warmed our hearts over the last year on CASH FOR KINDNESS.

Fox San Antonio awarded tens of thousands of dollars to people all across San Antonio for their selflessness towards others.

But only one person’s act of kindness can be crowned the best of the best with the Golden Rule Award.

This year’s winner is Yvonne Perez, a Boone Elementary School counselor in the Northside Independent School District.

A school parent originally nominated her last January for her work helping her second grader who had been suffering from feelings of self-harm.

"When he stated he wanted to kill himself, it made me feel confused,” Daquita Ross said in the original report. “It made me feel like I was failing as a mother."

Perez not only sought help for the student, she also followed up with his mother over the phone. Ross said it was the first she felt like someone really cared about her son.

"I'm definitely very grateful for the phone call,” she told Perez during last January’s CASH FOR KINDNESS surprise. “It meant the world to me.”

Perez had no idea she was selected for the Golden Rule Award based in part by votes online from people on Fox San Antonio’s website.

Fox San Antonio’s Ryan Wolf, who started the CASH FOR KINDNESS program two years ago, shared the results with her in her classroom.

"Would you please accept this on behalf of Fox San Antonio?" Wolf asked as he handed her the Golden Rule Award.

Perez read the words on the award aloud, “Fox 29… 2nd Annual Cash FOR KINDNESS award… For making a difference in the lives of students and parents with dedication and compassion… Presented to Yvonne Perez."

She called the honor, and public recognition over the last year, life-changing.

"I feel so undeserving,” the counselor of 17 years explained. “I really do. But just again, I do what I do because I love my job. I love the children, and I love the families. It's not for any kind of reward. It's not for any kind of recognition. It's for me. I get the reward in of itself by just coming every day and making a difference with at least just one kid."

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