San Antonio State Hospital employee allegedly took gun, hit list to facility

(SBG San Antonio photo)

An incident during the early morning hours of April 19 is once again shining a spotlight on the serious security issues at the San Antonio State Hospital.

According to sources, a police report and documents from the San Antonio State Hospital that we obtained, an employee on the night of April 18 allegedly walked into the facility armed. According to the documents, the employee, a Psychiatric Nurse’s Assistant, made statements to his co-workers which were interpreted as a plan to come back to the facility and do something to staff members.

Some employees told police they had seen a weapon in the employee’s bag. That’s when San Antonio police were called in. When officers arrived, the police report states, they found a “loaded gun, ammunition and a journal.” The report also described officers finding the employee's journal and for that day the employee had written an entry that said, “I am a peaceful person, but there is a storm brewing inside of me.”

An employee allegedly heard the 29-year-old man talking about “wearing a mask and cutting the power off to the State Hospital.” Employees also told police, that the man told them “people don’t understand how being deployed causes 'f------' changes in people."

Officers emergency detained him to the custody of the State Hospital, but as of Wednesday no charges have been filed. Officers also stated in the police report that they were advised to leave the employee in the custody of staff.

Fox San Antonio has also found out through the Army that the employee is also an active member of the Texas National Guard.

State Hospital sources tell Fox San Antonio that the employee is supposed to be deployed to Africa in the next few weeks. We have contacted the Texas National Guard for response. We asked a public information officer with the state agency in charge of the State Hospital if there is a policy to notify any of the branches of the Armed Forces if one of their members is or was a patient. The response -- no.

Fox San Antonio also asked how the employee was able to get a gun and magazines into the facility and keep them for his entire shift. The state sent us this statement: “Our policy remains that staff are prohibited from carrying firearms onto campus. We do not search our employees as they enter their workplace.”

Vsitors are searched and must walk through a metal detector before going on campus.

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