Satanic Temple takes aim at corporal punishment policy with South Texas billboard

Satanic Temple billboard along Hwy. 281 in Three Rivers, Texas. (Photo provided by The Satanic Temple)

SAN ANTONIO - A group known for fighting local governments all across the country with public displays of satanic symbols is now taking aim at a South Texas School district with a new billboard.

The Satanic Temple paid to place a billboard along Highway 281 in Three Rivers that reads, " Our religion doesn't believe in hitting children." There are also images of a pentagram and a goat's head, which the group usually employs in its displays.

Leaders of the group say the advertisement is directed at the Three Rivers Independent School District board, which voted in July to include a policy regarding corporal punishment. The vote was unanimous.

Currently, the district's policy states, "Corporal punishment shall not be administered to a student whose parent has submitted to the principal a signed statement for the current school year prohibiting the use of corporal punishment with his or her child. The parent may reinstate permission to use corporal punishment at any time during the school year by submitting a signed statement to the principal."

While a parent can opt out of the corporal punishment policy, the Satanic Temple says children of abusive parents may not have a problem with the school's policy and the billboard is meant to give those students a way to fight potential discipline with a religious exemption.

We reached out to the Three Rivers ISD for a comment regarding the billboard. We'll update this story as soon as information becomes available.

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