Scammers take to eBay to trick potential buyers

Scammers take to eBay to trick potential buyers. (SBG Photo)

SAN ANTONIO, TX - A local woman says she's the victim of thieves running a scam on eBay.

Sandra Nelson said she thought she was getting a great deal on a low-mileage car on Craigslist.

She said the seller urged her to use eBay Motors and buy eBay gift cards to pay for it.

After buying hundreds of dollars worth of non-refundable gift cards, she realized she made a mistake.

"I think shame on them, bottom line is you have to be a sociopath to do what they are doing," Nelson said.

Luckily, Nelson did not send the gift cards to the seller but because the cards are non-refundable, she'll have to spend the money on eBay.

eBay tells us a seller can only request payment using Paypal or credit card.

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