School bus driver saves student from dog attack

School bus driver saves student from dog attack (SBG Photo)

SAN ANTONIO - Carmen Medina is being recognized by the San Antonio Independent School District for her brave actions to save a middle school student from a dog attack.

"I take care of the kids on my bus. You know, that's what all of these drivers do,” said Medina.

The SAISD bus driver spotted an 11-year-old Longfellow Middle School student being followed by a dog. When the young girl started running, Medina says the large dog came charging at her.

“When she starts running, the dog runs after her and he knocks her down. To see the dog on top of her, it scared me,” said Medina.

Medina didn’t think twice. She quickly backed her school bus up.

"As quick as I can, I put my car in reverse which we're not suppose to do but I had to do it. I backed it up 20, 25 feet,” said Medina.

Medina says the loud sound of her bus break spooked the dog. He let go of the sixth grader and she was able to help her get into the bus and to safety.

“I opened the door and the little girl is right here. She's crying. I said did he bite you? Are you okay? She picked up her pant leg and sure enough, she had been bite,” said Medina.

Medina says the dog was large and possibly a lab mix. She says the dog is owned by someone on the street but it was roaming without a lease by itself.

Medina was recognized by the SAISD school board on Monday for her brave actions.

“It’s the only human thing to do. My heavenly father puts me where I'm suppose to be and I was suppose to be there for that reason and that's what I did,” said Medina.

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