School districts share priorities for 86th Texas Legislature

Tuesday marked the start of the 86th Texas Legislative session in Austin.

SAN ANTONIO – Tuesday marked the start of the 86th Texas Legislative session in Austin.

So far, some of the largest school districts in the San Antonio area have set priorities for the upcoming session.

According to the districts, school finance and safety are some of the top priorities this year.

“I really hope that there is a more comprehensive look. Let's really tear about the funding formula. Let's really look at what it costs to educate a child in Texas and then let's go find the resources in order to make that happen,” said Dr. Brian T. Woods, Superintendent, Northside ISD.

In an email, San Antonio ISD Spokesperson, Leslie Price, said the districts’ push for the session is to restore Pre-K funding cuts. Another priority is discussion on districts with higher rates of poverty and how they can receive more money.

According to agendas put out by North East ISD and Northside ISD, the districts are asking the Texas Legislature to oppose programs that divert public tax dollars to privately run schools that are not held under the same academic and financial accountability standards as public schools.

“Our future leaders are sitting in independent district classrooms right now, today. We've got to prioritize funding for those classrooms so that those kids can have solid experiences in schools and go ahead and fulfill those leadership roles that we absolutely have to have them in in the next generation,” added Dr. Woods.

Other priorities set include taxation and programming support.

Northside ISD's Legislative Priorities

Northeast ISD's Legislative Priorities

San Antonio ISD Legislative Priorities

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