Scooter related scars start to add up in San Antonio

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    Scooters continue to line the streets in San Antonio, and the people who ride them, or dodge them, as they zip along the sidewalks, either love 'em or hate 'em.

    However, a troubling trend developing in San Antonio, the San Antonio Fire Department said as the number of scooters increase, so do the trips to the emergency room.

    Michelle Cruff has taken notice of a surge in scooters on city streets, and thinks it is because of a variety of reasons.

    "They're everywhere, I mean from the Razors to the bird to the lime I don't know what else is coming out," said Cruff."The convenience, trying to find a place to park to go in for lunch, it's just a hassle so having these I believe if you're safe and on the streets, it's perfectly accommodating."

    But that, could be where the problem lies.

    According to the San Antonio Fire Department, between October 1 and November 29, 46 people have been hospitalized as a result of a scooter related incident.

    Doctor David Miramontes, Medical Director for the San Antonio Fire Department says most of the injuries are preventable.

    "We're seeing injuries that range from falls with wrist sprains or wrist fractures all the way up to traumatic brain injuries from impact cars,” said Miramontes, "If you ride your bike on a trail, you're gonna wear a helmet, you might be using wrist guards or elbow pads, to protect yourself when you fall."

    Some collisions are one that drivers never saw coming.

    "As they scoot across crosswalks, cars are turning right on green and impacting scooters which you can't see very well as they're walking into the crosswalk and get sideswiped," said Miramontes."I think we're just learning a little bit as we're going through this process, that there are positives and negatives of these vehicles on our streets."

    Dr. Miramontes thinks a safety equipment loan system with hotels could be helpful to reduce injuries, as well as a rider education program, with simple reminders like when you're at a crosswalk, stop and look left for cars turning right on green.

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