Second all girls SAISD school to open in August


After earlier this year deciding to close and elementary school due to low STAAR test scores, and letting go of 132 teachers due to revenue loss, the SAISD made another announcement about Page Middle School.

SAISD trying to adapt to what Superintendent Pedro Martinez said is a changing environment, announcing Page Middle School will transition to become just the second all-girls school in the county starting next year.

Lola Sanchez is getting closer to graduating, and already knows what she wants to do.

"I want to get my undergrad in Philosophy and Psychology." Sanchez said.

She even knows where she wants to go to do it.

"Stanford, I love Stanford, I've wanted to go to Stanford since the Third grade." Sanchez said.

She says her start in the young women's leadership academy in the sixth grade set her up for success.

"It makes sure that we are able to be prepared in our future when we get to college that we're not shocked about the amount of work we're getting." Sanchez said.

But Delia McLerren, Young Women’s Leadership Academy principal had a discovery.

"We found the earlier we were able to introduce science and STEAM Engineering the stronger they become in pursuing a career." McLerren said.

Prompting the school district to make a change. According to Martinez, the new YWLA Primary is the first of its kind in Bexar County.

"It will be the first single gender girls school in the elementary grades in the county and one of the few in the country." Martinez said.

Made possible with funding from the state.

"We got a one point five-million-dollar redesign grant from the state,” said Martinez. “We'll be investing it in this building, It was Page Middle School it will be retrofitted to be Page K-5."

A move made by a somewhat struggling district.

"I don't see it as survival I see it as more we are adapting to what the parents are asking for and we know these models work." Martinez said.

To secure a strong start for their students.

"It's about the little ones getting started earlier and that to me is exciting, exciting for us, exciting for San Antonio..."

The school will have a strong focus on science technology and engineering.

The plan is to start in august with kindergarten and first grade, and will add a grade each year, to become a K-5 School.

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